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Part III: Translational Pathway for Biologics

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III.1 Cellular and Gene Therapy for Cardiac Disease: FDA Product and Pre-Clinical Regulatory Considerations
Wei Liang PhD and Brent McCright PhD
III.2 Cellular Therapy Product Development for Cardiac Repair and cGMP Manufacturing
Todd R Flower PhD
III.3 Autologous Myocardial Repair and Regeneration through Intracoronary Administration of Allogeneic Cardiac Stem Cells and/or Growth Factors
Bernardo Nadal-Ginard MD PhD, Georgina M Ellison PhD
and Daniele Torella MD PhD
III.4 Tissue Engineering and Applications for Treatment of Myocardial Infarction
Aboli A Rane PhD, John Watson PhD and Karen L Christman PhD
III.5 Mouse, Rat, Sheep and Pig as Functional Models for Cell Therapy
Jonathan Dinsmore PhD
III.6 Pathology Assessment for Regenerative Therapy
Stefanie Dimmeler PhD, Annarosa Leri MD, Marcello Rota PhD,
Marion Muhly-Reinholz MTA, Andreas M Zeiher MD
and Piero Anversa MD
III.7 Cellular and Molecular Imaging in Translational Cardiovascular Research
Johannes Riegler PhD and Joseph C Wu MD PhD
III.8 Methods of Stem Cell Delivery
Nabil Dib MD MSc
III.9 Clinical Trial Design and Endpoints for Cardiovascular Stem Cell Therapies
Marko Banovic MD PhD, Atta Behfar MD PhD,
Marc Vanderheyden MD PhD, Branko Beleslin MD PhD,
Andreas M Zeiher MD, Andre Terzic MD PhD
and Jozef Bartunek MD PhD


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