/  2016 Symposium
ISCTR Symposium Monday, April 4, 2016 McCormick Place Convention Center, Room S505 Chicago, Illinois 10:45 am - 5:15 pm

2016 Symposium

Cardiovascular Innovation and Translation I

Co-Chairs: Robert O. Bonow and Anthony N. DeMaria




Presentation of the First Glen and Marilyn Nelson Award for Cardiovascular Innovation and Translation Research:
Eugene Braunwald

Anthony N. DeMaria, San Diego, California View Presentation


Keynote Address: The Path to an Angiotensin Receptor Antagonist-Neprilysin Inhibitor in the Treatment of Heart
Failure: A Triumph of Academic-Industry Collaboration

Eugene Braunwald, Boston, Massachusetts View Presentation


Interventional Cardiology: Past, Present, and Future

Spencer B. King III, Atlanta, Georgia View Presentation


ISCTR Mission in Cardiovascular Translational Research

Nabil Dib, Gilbert, Arizona View Presentation


Cardiovascular Innovation and Translation II

Co-Chairs: Mitchell W. Krucoff and Stanton Rowe


Perspective from an Innovator

G. Alain Cribier, Rouen, France View Presentation
Perspective from Industry: Chief Medical Officer, Abbott

Charles A. Simonton, Santa Clara, California View Presentation


Perspective from FDA: Director, FDA Division of Cardiovascular Devices Center for Devices and Radiological

Bram D. Zuckerman, Rockville, Maryland View Presentation
Perspective from CMS: Former Director, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Louis Jacques, Washington, DC View Presentation


Medicare Coverage of Cardiovascular IDE Trials

Tamara Syrek Jensen, Baltimore, Maryland View Presentation
Panel Discussion

View Presentation

Cardiovascular Innovation and Translation III

Co-Chairs: Richard Schatz and Andreas M. Zeiher


Innovation Challenges

Richard Schatz, La Jolla, California View Presentation


The Emerging Concept of the Bio-Design Institute for Cardiologists

Todd J. Brinton, Standford, California View Presentation


Novel Adult Cells and Enhancement Strategies for Cardiac Regeneration

Stefanie Dimmeler, Frankfurt, Germany View Presentation
Update on Cardiovascular Stem Cell Therapy

Andreas M. Zeiher, Frankfurt, Germany View Presentation


Panel Discussion

View Presentation

Cardiovascular Innovation and Translation IV

Co-Chair: Daniel Burkhoff and Robert Roberts


Global Heart Health, Implications for Translational Research: Perspective of the President of the World
Federation of Cardiology

Salim Yusuf, Hamilton, Canada View Presentation
Consensus of Definition, Clinical Trial Design, and Endpoints

Bram D. Zuckerman, Rockville, Maryland View Presentation
Lessons Learned from Randomized Clinical Trials and the National Registry

David R. Holmes, Rochester, Minnesota View Presentation
Emerging Techniques in Cardiac Imaging

Jeroen J. Bax, Leiden, The Netherlands View Presentation

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