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The International Society for Cardiovascular Translational Research is proud to announce completion and deployment of the society’s new eTextbook.

The book’s 21 chapters from 85 renowned researchers provides a foundation for understanding the key aspects of bringing an idea for a cardiac therapy from initial concept to approved marketplace. ISCTR’s new digital endeavor is dedicated to expediting scientific discoveries and medical innovations.

The eTextbook format includes a newsletter section and allows for on-going updates and additions of pertinent new Translational Research.

Table of Contents

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Part I: Key Topics for Product Development: Devices, Biologics and Drugs

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I.1 A Needs-Based Approach to Health Technology Innovation: The Stanford Biodesign Process
Jonathan G Schwartz MD, Paul G Yock MD,
Uday N Kumar MD, and Todd J Brinton, MD
I.2 Intellectual Property and Strategy Development
Neil K Nydegger Esq
I.3 Investigational and New Cardiovascular Devices: Strategy and Decision-Making for Reimbursement in the Post-Reform Era
John C Lewin MD, Janna Crittendon,
Louis Garrison PhD and Larry McNeely
I.4 Sources of Funding for Early Stage Ventures
Ron King PhD MBA and MaryAnn Guerra MBA
I.5 Anesthesia and Care of the Large Animal for Survival Studies: Sheep
Cheryl Blaze BVSc PhD MBA
I.6 Anesthesia and Care of the Large Animal for Survival Studies: Pig
Cheryl Blaze BVSc PhD MBA
I.7 Echocardiography in Translational Research
Pierre Monney MD, Xavier Jeanrenaud MD,
Hendrick Tevaearai MD EMBA and Didier Locca MD
I.8 MRI in Translational Research
Andrew J Ludman MD, Stéphanie M Perruchoud Fluri MD,
Juan F Iglesias MD, Anthony Mathur PhD and Didier Locca MD
I.9 Biomarkers in Cardiovascular Medicine
Christiane Chène PhD, Sarah Longnus PhD
and Hendrik Tevaearai MD EMBP
I.10 Clinical Study Design for Translational Research
Christopher M Mullin MS and Scott Brown PhD


Part II: Translational Pathway for Devices

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II.1 Regulatory Pathway for 510k, IDE, and PMA
Deborah G Castillo PhD, Bram Zuckerman MD and Felipe Aguel PhD
II.2 EU Regulatory Frameworks for Medicines
and Medical Devices for Cardiovascular Disease
Peter Feldschreiber LLB and Alasdair Breckenridge MD
II.3 Product Development of Devices
Robert E Kohler MS
II.4 Large Animal Models for Cardiovascular Device Development
Yanping Cheng MD, Daniel Burkhoff MD PhD
and Juan Granada MD
II.5 Translational Platform for Aortic Valve Replacement
Alain Cribier MD
II.6 Translational Pathway for Tissue Engineered Aortic Valves
Jerome Sohier PhD, Adrian H Chester BSC PhD
and Sir Magdi H Yacoub MD
II.7 Translational Platform for Mitral Valve Repair and Replacement
David G Reuter MD PhD and Patrick M Sullivan MD
II.8 Electrophysiology: Translational Research Platforms
Fu Siong Ng PhD, Michael T Debney and Nicholas S Peters MD
II.9 The Translational Pathway for Mechanical Circulatory Support
Toshinobu Kazui MD PhD, Tia Pilikian MS, Destiny Lagrand BA,
Richard G Smith MSEE CCE, Sir Magdi H Yacoub MD
and Zain Khalpey MD PhD


Part III: Translational Pathway for Biologics

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III.1 Cellular and Gene Therapy for Cardiac Disease: FDA Product and Pre-Clinical Regulatory Considerations
Wei Liang PhD and Brent McCright PhD
III.2 Cellular Therapy Product Development for Cardiac Repair and cGMP Manufacturing
Todd R Flower PhD
III.3 Autologous Myocardial Repair and Regeneration through Intracoronary Administration of Allogeneic Cardiac Stem Cells and/or Growth Factors
Bernardo Nadal-Ginard MD PhD, Georgina M Ellison PhD
and Daniele Torella MD PhD
III.4 Tissue Engineering and Applications for Treatment of Myocardial Infarction
Aboli A Rane PhD, John Watson PhD and Karen L Christman PhD
III.5 Mouse, Rat, Sheep and Pig as Functional Models for Cell Therapy
Jonathan Dinsmore PhD
III.6 Pathology Assessment for Regenerative Therapy
Stefanie Dimmeler PhD, Annarosa Leri MD, Marcello Rota PhD,
Marion Muhly-Reinholz MTA, Andreas M Zeiher MD
and Piero Anversa MD
III.7 Cellular and Molecular Imaging in Translational Cardiovascular Research
Johannes Riegler PhD and Joseph C Wu MD PhD
III.8 Methods of Stem Cell Delivery
Nabil Dib MD MSc
III.9 Clinical Trial Design and Endpoints for Cardiovascular Stem Cell Therapies
Marko Banovic MD PhD, Atta Behfar MD PhD,
Marc Vanderheyden MD PhD, Branko Beleslin MD PhD,
Andreas M Zeiher MD, Andre Terzic MD PhD
and Jozef Bartunek MD PhD


Part IV: Translational Pathway for Drugs

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IV.1 Regulatory Considerations for Drug Development
Christiane Chène PhD and Hendrik T Tevaearai MD EMBA
IV.2 Translational Pathway for Drug Development
Hendrik T Tevaearai MD EMBA, Sarah L Longnus PhD,
André Roland MSc, Florian Dick MD, Olaf Stanger MD,
Didier Locca MD and Christiane Chène PhD
IV.3 Personalized Medicine and Translational Genomics
Robert Roberts MD



A Primer of Human Molecular Biology

Robert Roberts, M.D.


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